Photos of ICPVT-14

(a) Prof. Gang Chen


(b) Prof. Shan-Tung Tu, Chairman of ICPVT-14

(c) Prof. Xuedong Chen, Executive Chairman of ICPVT-14, A Plenary Lecturer

(d) Prof. David Nash, A Plenary Lecturer

(e) Prof. Iain Le May, A Plenary Lecturer

(f) Q & A (Prof. Fu-zhen Xuan)

(g) International colleges

(h) International colleges

(i) Meeting room

(j) Communications

(k) Communications


(l) Prof. Fong's presentation


(m) Student Paper Competition

(n) Forum on Educating Future Engineers

(o) Research Team

(p) Volunteers of ICPVT-14

Published: 2015-12-24

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